24 at the Dao Temple, Wong Tai Sin, HK

24 at the Dao Temple, Wong Tai Sin, HK

Wong Tai Sin Station, Kowloon HK: Gateway to the Dao Temple

A lot of locals come here to ask the Dao for love, health and wealth. I was told that mostly young women visit to seek romance.

Elders selling premium incense to send prayers to the Dao

Just turned 24. Insisted on this temple visit to ease troubling thoughts.

Momo, one of my best and prettiest friends in HongKong was kind enough to accompany us despite the surprise arrival of her Korean boyfriend Kim, who came all the way from a directing stint in Thailand at that time.

Momo standing in front of the mythical Chinese Zodiac statues

Devotees pinning their incensed prayers for the Dao

Devotees meditate and chant on their question to the Dao while shaking the sticks given to them by one of the attendants in the vicinity. The first stick to fall, which is engraved by a number refers to a poem. This is an old chinese proverb which will be interpreted by a designated Daoist as the Dao’s means of answer.

Three columns for those who seek Luck, health and money. Not so different from our concept of Saints, they also have delegated deities and

sites for specific wishes.

Edward Yeung, The only English speaking interpreter for the ancient poem. He charged me

50HKD. They are not fortune-tellers or mystics, they simply interpret the poem.

It read:

“You will set sail with influential and powerful individuals. By chance the wind will

steer the ship to an Island where you will stay and learn from the Masters. When you are ready you will return to

the ship and use what you have learned.”


“You have left your material plane to embark on a spiritual journey. You seek wisdom and you shall receive it. When you are ready, you shall return to your life and you will be recognized for what you have learned.

“Now. What is your question?”

Where’s my soulmate?

*Chuckles “So specific are we?”

“Well, there’s no such thing as a soul-mate, you choose the relationship you end up with. You make it work. You choose your soulmate.”


“You are a very carefree girl, but you let your thoughts get the best of you. Stop over-thinking things, it will do you no good. You have no idea how lucky you are, you must be grateful. This year has been good to you and the next one will be better. You are blessed with good relationships. If you should choose, you can establish more but you will be very busy and it is unlikely that you will make romantic bonds until after next year.”

“You will however, remain to have good relationships.”

Im not Daoist and it’s the first time Ive stepped in their temple. Ive never been exposed to their teachings and their principles until then, but in a single visit and without introductions, light was shed on my predicament.

I don’t believe in religion, but I trust in the divine, the spiritual, the eternal and the absolute. This isn’t the first time I have immersed myself in a foreign ideology, and as with all the others before it (Buddhism, Hinduism, and my foundation, Christianity) I am humbled by the truth, wisdom and miracle in all of them.

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