Brazillian blowout

Brazillian blowout

I finally relented to the pull of “frizz-free, damage-free, shiny healthy hair” promise of Brazillian blow-out. What sealed the deal was a green light from my trusted stylist and bestfriend for years now. Like most Nicole Kidman-haired women, I have had the misfortune of having bad hairday more often than I should, (no thanks to you humidity). And although I love my curls, I end up subjecting them to heat treatment, (flat iron and curlers alike, just to make sure they stay in place throughout the day) more often than I should.

Like my skin, my hair seems to hate the weather here in Manila. It’s just not meant to look good under the Philippine heat and humidity.

I was told that the Brazillian blow-dry, unlike the Japanese straightening system, will not turn my hair limp and lifeless, nor would it flatten the curls. The treatment sounded perfect for someone who just wanted more manageable curls as opposed to generic flat hair.

The treatment took 90 minutes, and since I made it clear that I did not want straight hair, they opted to blow-dry my hair instead of ironing it, as is usually the case.

What came out were curles, tamed and made more manageable. Just how I wanted it.

I wasnt pressured to purchase the aftercare system too, which I was thankful for because the treatment in itself was costly.

Typically the brazillian blow-out lasts for up to 12 weeks and unlike the Japanese straightening system, it doesnt result to uneven textures as your hair grows out because it wears off naturally.

Ill definitely renew my treatment as it saves me heat-styling time which is better off researved for working and earning–both of which Ill need if Im to afford another treatment.


So far, so good.for more manageable curls


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