Curly Hair Dont care

Curly Hair Dont care

Frizz-free curly bouncy hair

Frizz-free curly bouncy hair

Having naturally curly hair in the most humid island in the tropics spells bad hair every day. This is the reason why most Filipinas blessed with twirly locks resort to chemical treatments like Rebonding and Straightening. The problem with Rebonding and Straightening is that, not only does it remove the waves in your hair for the worse, it also dries and damages your locks overtime, making it limp and lifeless. So yes it removes frizz, but only to leave you with a broom-like hair that is fit only for a hag.

This is where the Brazilian Blowout comes in. Ever since the procedure was introduced over three years ago, it has remained the most coveted treatment for addressing frizzy hair.

Contrary to misconception, the Brazilian Blowout is not simply a procedure or a technique, it is actually a brand. Keratin Treatment is not exactly the same as it may use other harsher chemicals leaving damaged and bleached hair after application.

Frizz free, damage-proof, rejuvenated locks

Frizz free, damage-proof, rejuvenated locks with the Brazilian Blowout method

Beauty Lane marketing executive Charisma Martinez shared with me that an authentic Brazilian Blowout experience should not require you to avoid rinsing your hair after, nor should it lighten you hair by any shade.

True enough, after the procedure, the frizz in my hair was gone but it did not suffer a bleaching effect at all unlike other Keratin treatments claiming to be the same thing as the Brazilian Blowout.

More than the Brazilian Blowout, what impressed me was the OLAPLAEX HAIR REPAIR SYSTEM.

According to my friend Charisma, this is the Holy grail of hair care as it allows you to transition from blond to brunette to blond again without seriously damaging your hair.

I was skeptical when she said this, but after she had me try it, I was pleasantly surprised at how healthy my damaged hair became, literally bouncing back from its limp brittle state from years of heat and color treatment.

OLAPLEX works by coating each hair strand internally, repairing from within by reconnecting split bonds and broken links inside the hair thus bringing it back to life.

It also detoxifies the hair, I was particularly amazed at how it brought back the natural brunette color of my hair, so much so that I didn’t need to color it to get back my chocolate brown locks.

For maintenance, Charisma gave me the PRIMARIA Haircare line which has an all natural ingredients that doesn’t contain damaging chemicals. Instead it makes use of fruit acid, seaweeds and collagen to keep the volume, luster and health of the hair. I especially like the part that it is so natural that even if it finds its way back into streams and rivers from the sink four showers, it will not harm the environment as it has no chemical deposit to be be afraid of.

Gorgeous hair, is healthy and natural looking and it can now be achieved by occasionally availing of the Brazilian Blowout to remove frizz, then scheduling Olaplaex treatments in between to combat sun and color damage and using natural products like the Primaria line daily for maintenance.

PRIMARIA all natural haircare line


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