Healthy finds in convenience stores

Healthy finds in convenience stores

Hungry and in a hurry? Looking for a snack during a fuel stop? Convenience stores offer a quick fix to just about anything and everything—be it eating, PMS, a headache and even if you just need a drink. Now for the most parts, 24/7 marts are full of tasty cheap junk food but if you make a little extra effort, you can actually refuel your body with some healthier alternatives.

I swear I have not missed sight of this energy-dense yellow whole food from Family Mart to 7-11. Bananas are a great source of glycogen, which means when you’re craving for a mamon, you can reach out to this instead and you’ll feel just as satiated without paying for it in calories.

Boiled eggs are now more commonly available in convenience stores. Situated by the cashier, hard boiled eggs are a great source of protein and fat which helps curb sugar cravings. It is also easy to take away which makes it a great to-go snack.

Quaker is so commercial and I recently squealed in glee when I saw their oatscaldo variety while scavenging for something to eat in the middle of a Jollibee catering. You can also easily have oatmeal in a variety of brands in any convenience store. Oats are whole grains and though the packs sold in mini marts probably contains iodized salt, artificial flavors and refined sugar, you’re still better off if the base ingredient is a high-fiber alternative like oats. Speaking of which, convenience stores also houses a lot of Granola bars which is basically baked oats with dried fruits, seeds and sometimes chocolate.

Good fat and some protein, I’m absolutely nuts about nuts. I like to pick the ones with skin on them and always just plain baked or roasted. It’s a great brain food thanks to its high magnesium content and definitely a better alternative to chips.

Black, by the counter not the 3-in-1 at the isle. Coffee is a natural diuretic and hunger suppressant. Caffeine also keeps you alert if only for a few hours. Make sure to drink a glass of water for every cup of Joe you drink to avoid dehydration.

Spring water
Can you believe Nature Spring doesn’t sell in household mold containers? Now I’m stuck with distilled or suspicious “alkaline” water in my home. Spring water (check the labels) has more minerals and have a Ph balance of 8 or less compared to the depleted distilled or purified water varieties. The only thing stopping me from hoarding spring water from 7-11 is my aversion to plastic but I’ll always reach out to this instead of sugary drinks.

Whole grain bread
Yes, Gardenia and a sachet of Lily’s peanut butter. What? That’s fiber, energy and good fat. No it’s not good sugar but it’s a convenience store and we cannot be purists. This beats those deep fried pot taters, chicken, and siomai on the menu any day.

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