Hongkong Veg Must-Stops

Hongkong Veg Must-Stops


Bicho and Soya bean milk. Signature brekky of my partner. I think we had this twice in three days. Kinda craving for it now. It’s literally fried dough, kinda like chinese churos I guess. It’s more airy though, and more oily but it really works.



Coz Hongkong aint complete without a stopover in Loving Hut. I stay in Wanchai a lot so Im frequently here. We had the Merry Moo vegan ice cream, pretty superb.


Had to include this photo. The dude’s single, dont think theres any more room for anyone in his life after he got such a big family. I bet he’s luckier than most of us. Muts will love you next to God, no one else


The most famous organic store in HK. Three sixty. Took four hours scouring this place. Andrew was fatigued but it felt like toy kingdom to me


Traditional Cantonese brekky.. With the Bicho and Soya again, except we added vegan congee and vegan onion noodles. Carb overloading, not really healthy so I wonder how everyone here stays slim


Overpriced curly kale chips, just coz I cant have em at home


Officially our best stop over, Just Green have everything you need to live sustainably. Too bad they ignored our request to distribute in Manila. Took 3 hours in this quaint store. Im a pain, I know


LIFE Raw + Vegan options. Damn. If Im ever gonna put up a restaurant, I wish itll be half as good as Life. Located at Soho. Must go.

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