Old brand new

Old brand new

worn and torn but still as sturdy as the day it was first walked.

Nothing irks our colleagues and partners more than to find me wearing these sandal-pumps in our site visits and exhibits. From “Why are you wearing heels at a day-long event?” to “Why ever did you chose to wear that hideous old thing?”

I guess I wouldnt understand it either if I were in their “shoes,” I mean, its not exactly my most sophisticated pair, yes, but … you know what?

It has gotten me through rocky factory visits, multiple stair climbs and it has survived hours of treading Hong Kong carrying a 25 kilo luggage. All these it has done without causing me blisters or sprain, and not once did it snap on me at our time together.

So you see, my generic sandal-pumps which I bought for less than five dollars from a bargain store has given me more than my Stella Lunas, Aldos and other fancy brands women like me throw hard-earned money upon just so we can feel an elevated esteem of ourselves–glamorous yes, but all of which are too delicate to withstand any rough handling.

These shoes may be worn and torn and they may look unsightly to most, but to me theyre a symbol of sturdiness, endurance and loyalty.

Battle scars from fighting my wars with me.

Thats more than I can ever wish for from any of fancier stilettos.



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