Skinny no more

Skinny no more


w/ a 22 inch waistline I felt weak instead of healthy

I didnt become vegan to lose weight, in fact I was skinnier before than I was now. It’s actually easy to lose yourself to starch and carbohydrates in a vegetarian diet as opposed to the lean protein intake of a meat-based one.


Losing weight is all about discipline; Everything in moderation and dont forget to sweat off the excess pounds. It’s as simple and as difficult as that. With the rise of fad diets like South beach, Atkins and Paleolithic to name a few, it’s easy to categorize vegetarianism as just another scheme to shed off the fat, when it’s really not.

Vegetarianism is a lifestyle, it is a choice to live greener, healthier and more ethically. Of course this is not to say that meat-eaters are doing the opposite, like I said it’s all about discipline and being aware of what it is you put in your mouth, but for a girl who grew up with pet chickens and cows around in her backyard, it’s easier for me to give up a diet that basically makes my pets my food. Other people choose a different route, they go organic, or refuse to buy anything uncertified by the fair trade organization. These are all beneficial, it’s just that for me, going vegan happens to be easier as I already have the values needed for it.

Just because youre vegan doesnt mean you can forgo excercise.

I did and I became suseptible to air-born viruses like colds and flu. I also got tired easier and I felt frail and skinny, which at that time, being a full time model and all, seemed sensible but after hearing my friends comment on how weak and malnourished I looked;

“You’re not a picture so why would you settle for a good photo at the expense of your health?”

Then it hit me, they’re right. I dont live for the runway.

So I decided to take my game up a notch and strenghten my body.


I ran, got into yoga and went to the gym whenever I could and after a few months, not only did my immune system got better, so did my appearance. Gone was the petite girl who looked like she could use some extra vitamins. Now I look stronger and more full of life. I wasnt skinny anymore, to the disappointment of my agents and designers and it’s true, I did lose some modelling stints because of it, (I didnt gain more fat but I had more lean muscle now) but at least I wasnt sickly anymore and I even got a full time job now in advertising so I wouldnt be pressured to fit the mold of Kate Moss.

With more energy I felt that I could take on more responsibilities, aside from my job as an advertising manager, Ive decided to roll out our home-based vegetarian catering on the side while still modelling, hosting and writing when I can.

Im livelier now, not to mention less depressive as I when I was still stick-thin.

It’s true, when you feel healthy, you dont feel deprived and youre just happier.

That’s just worth more to me right now than print ads and cat-walks. Ofcourse I’m still rooting to be casted for ads and other commercial events but Im aiming to niche into the wellness mode now, not necessarily high fashion–I’m not tall enough to dominate the latter anyway.

Be it a diet, a job or a fitness routine, always see to it that it coincides with your way of life, your string of principles and core values. Otherwise it just wont be sustainable.

You have to put a dash of yourself in everything that you do, if it’s not you, then why force it?




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