Tagaytay in half a day

Tagaytay in half a day

“Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can do”.,

New York by Alicia Keys.

Same thing could be sung of any city out there, and I’ve lived in several.

There comes a point though when it just all gets a lil bit too much.

Like now.

I woke up crying again, not knowing why, how or when it began.

All I know is that the climb up is starting to suffocate me.

The madness of ambition, yet I can’t seem to stop…

Much less go back…

Go back where even?

Everything I have left behind, have ever walked away from has disappeared.

It’s make it or die trying for me.

Sometimes the idea of the latter doesn’t seem so bad, when you’re as tired as I am from all the struggle, any escape would do.

Which is what this is.

Took the bus to Tagaytay today, not really knowing what for.

Thought a bite of Mushroom burger in Olivares would be ‘nuf of a reason, then I realized Pink Sisters is also along the way, then there’s the thought of the famed Kape Musang in Amadeo at the end of the road.

Tried getting some directions and some travel advice from the net, ended up taking none and just throwing caution to the wind.

I can get used to this, mindless traveling.

I may even make it a point to do one every week, granted my work and finances allow me that privilege.

The bus ride took three hours from Makati, and at one point I felt that I may have lost my way but would you believe the minute I decided to stand up to see where I am, I saw Pink sisters right on my window shield?

Call it what you may, but these are the times I know that God is really calling me.

Or rather, Im really calling on him.

Prayers really work wonders.

It was chilly and drizzly when I arrived in Pink Sisters, about 4pm I think.

I was wearing a grey light sweater, not much to guard my thin frame from the cold.

I didn’t really mind, I like being in the arms of frosty winds, I could never stand it’s sister, the sun.

Like any devotee, I wrote my prayer in the recycled paper provided in the monastery. I think I consumed about eight pieces of them, back to back with my question, pleas and expression of gratitude. I was crying so much and although I did so silently, at one point I just stopped caring if people stared.

I cried for the people I pushed away and couldn’t get back, for the ones who walked away from me and couldn’t really convince to stay…

I cried for the dreams that weigh me down yet inspires me to go own.

I cried for the fight that was slowly leaving me.

I cried for the goodness I didn’t really deserve.

And for everything else I couldn’t explain.

I got tired of or dehydrated eventually, so I went on my way.

Lighter, and hungrier.

I took me fifteen minutes from Pink Sisters to get to Mushroom burger.

I ordered the 100% mushroom sandwich and a cup of hot cocoa. All for less than a hundred peso.

Mushroom burger and tablea combo

80 pesos baby!










Talk about value for money.

As I munched my well-earned treat, I stared at the families around me. I noticed I was the only one who was eating alone, I wonder what the people thought of it? Did they feel sorry for me that I wasn’t with anyone? Or did they just get that Im just another city girl trying to get some recluse from the chaos of urban life?

They probably didn’t even notice.

I thought of passing by a good friend in the area but decided not to. I couldn’t bring myself to talk to anyone really, I didn’t trust myself enough to hold any actual conversation with anyone much more a good friend.

So instead I took a trycicle to Amadeo, the coffee capital of the Philppines for a quick cup of the famous Kape Musa or Kape Alamid. It took me thirty minutes to get there by trycicle and as luck would have it, it was closed.

I circled the area for other options but my fortune has ran out so I opted to be dropped off in Bag of beans instead.

I didn’t feel like dining in such a classy restaurant though, (I left that part of me in the city for a reason) so from there I just jumped on the bus back to Makati.

Since I left my phone throughout the entire duration of the trip I narcissistically assumed that Id be bombarded with twenty messages and ten missed calls at the very least, to which I was dissappointed to have found that there were actually none.

I wanted a break from the world, but it seems it wanted a day-off from me too.




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