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Healthy and fast-food may seem like an oxymoron but really, the real mark of whole foods is that it is simple and easy to get by. Here a few places we recommend on where to get your dose of healthy food outside your home:

  1. Turo-turo
    Also known as “Karinderya,” Turo-turo can easily be a street’s home kitchen and has healthier options than commercial fast food joints. Just make sure that they employ proper sanitation practices by looking for the Mayor’s Permit that they are required to display visibly. In our eateries, you can’t go wrong with Paksiw, Sinigang, Tinola, Inihaw, Adobo and Gulay guisado.
  2. Lugawan
    These 24-hour hunger joints are a better health-fix than convenience stores. Lugaw, goto, pares and lomi may not be the most nutritious option but they are also not overly processed, sugar coated or deep fried. Because of the volume of people eating there, every bowl is more fresh than say, months old of frozen food, which is just microwaved (radiated) in 24/7 convenience stores.
  3. Cafeterias
    Whether it is inside a school or an office building, cafeterias adhere to a stricter guideline in serving safe, fresh and healthier food options.
  4. Makati Jolli-jeeps
    Efficient and popular food kiosks in the Central Business Districts which is managed by the Municipality, these so called “Jollijeeps” serve very affordable fresh, home-cooked meals that are very popular among office dwellers. Healthy options include Arroz Caldo, bulalo, pancit, fresh fruits, boiled eggs among others.
  5. Groceries
    Supermarkets, mini marts, and major groceries are often just a few blocks away from corporate centers. Inside them would be salad bars, shabu-shabu, Mongolian stalls and even home-cooked take away counters. Healthy options are hard to miss as a lot of these food are boiled, baked and sautéed. You can even buy raw fruit and freshly baked bread easily

My personal favorite are:

  • SM Supermarket: Taho (with only 1 tbsp of cane syrup), Turon (because they have the best!), and boiled corn.
  • Robinsons Selections: Salad bar, shabu-shabu, and take-away food
  • Walter Mart: Mongolian
  • Rustan’s: Salad bar and take-away food
  • Landmark: Suman, boiled kamote, boiled peanuts, and fresh lumpia





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