How To Eat And Live Mindfully, According To A Wellness Coach

How To Eat And Live Mindfully, According To A Wellness Coach

We get so excited over grand gestures like going vegan, only eating organic, only wearing indigenous materials and then resign to our old ways when we can’t keep it up, (no one can all the time) forgetting that living well, not unlike life, is an on-going, constantly changing experience.

Maybe for now you do away with beef for good, for the other person it just means shopping less while for me I need to get myself to making more eco bricks. Sometimes we forget our reusable bag and end up consuming plastic, or we couldn’t resist bacon for breakfast, it happens, we don’t live in ideal circumstances, so we can only do what we can, however we can, when we can. As long as we have awareness, we can always make adjustments going forward.

Stopping by Green Pastures for the best DIY Salad whenever I can afford it | Ronan Capili

Top tips to live well

1. Infuse your water with citrus, ginger or lemongrass. This adds minerals and vitamins to our otherwise depleted water.

2. Eat fruits whole instead of drinking them. Fruits can be high in fructose, so it’s important to have them with their natural fiber to avoid spiking your blood sugar.

3. Eat more plant-based protein. Examples of this are legumes and lentils, nuts and seeds, tofu and tempeh, mushroom, dark leafy vegetables and meat-substitute like Beyond Meat in restaurants and hotels, Quorn in Rustan’s and Field Roast in Healthy options.

Cauliflower Biryani
Chia Pudding
Juicing local naturally organic vegetables every morning on an empty stomach with my favorite masticating slow juicer Misso Multi Wonder Machine

4. Cut down on beef as it is the least sustainable meat and is the number one cause for deforestation. It also takes the longest to digest, and is highly acidic and inflammatory —organic or not, (which is why so many steak-lovers end up in dialysis).

5. Walk around nature often. It doesn’t have to be a trail-hike, a slow stroll around the park is already enough to reduce stress and feel grounded. When you connect with Mother Earth, you feel humbled and safe at the same time: Knowing how small you are in the vastness of this world yet assured that no less than everyone else, you are a child and you have the right to be here.

Celebrating the successful launch of Beyond Meat at Sweet Ecstacy with owner Al Galang
Jicama Raw Sushi
Mocktail at Green Pastures | Ronan Capili

6. Get enough sleep. Even better, sleep early and rise with the sun—waking according to your circadian rhythm is the secret to success of many.

7. Get active. Don’t get too comfortable living sedentary, breaking a sweat regularly doesn’t only lead to an active metabolism but is also leads to feeling good.

Getting ripped fror a Billboard in Rockwell for Athletica
Meditating with yoga teacher Sara Black

8. Improve your gut health by eating more fermented food with every meal like Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Pickled vegetable, Kombucha, Kefir etc. We’re governed by trillions of bacteria and how we function depends entirely on how well fed they are.

Fermentation class as part of my Raw Food Training in Bali
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