Published by Hinge Inquirer, 2009

Old time-checks at a new Wristpod
Its official, the little time piece that’s ticks while sticking on our wrist is here to stay, and it is by no means threatened by the current hype over its digital cousins even though the latter is integrated in today’s most popular devices: mobile phones, I-pods and palm pilots.
Back when cell phones were exclusive and records were played on tapes, the wrist watch was a staple accessory for anyone who leads an organized life. The basic time-piece reflects its owner’s personality not to mention social disposition with its infinite style and feature variation.
Today, watches are dispensable but nevertheless fashionable dress-up garments to complete any attire. Granted, what with the advent of alternative indicators of time, most of us no longer rely on the good ol’ trusty Timex to check for our schedules, but we cannot deny that no bracelet can ever replace the place of a wrist watch in terms of appeal and impression.
For one thing, your mobile can very well tell you the time, day or even the temperature of your office but wearing Kenneth Cole at the end of your sleeve can spell the difference between blending in, and standing out. Besides, what I-touch can match the sophistication of a Cavalli original or the hip urban-finish of a Cerruti limited edition?
Wristpod, a boutique committed to providing only the best collections of time-pieces understands that there are some things which technology can never replace.
Novelty is one of them, elegance is another and of course… style.
But nothing beats the simple sentimental connection that is born of watches passed down from one generation to the next.
Wristpod understands this, which is why it only provides the best quality watches for its customers to make sure it not only stands the test and pests of time, but age gracefully with it as well.
Because a good watch, especially rare models like BCBGMAXZARIA, Kenneth Cole New York, Moschino, Just Cavalli, Cerruti1881 and Roberto Cavalli which can only be found in Wristpod, are like wines; the longer you keep them, provided they are stored in the proper environment and treated with the right amount of care, can only appreciate as time goes by.
So you’re not the fashionista who spends tens and thousands of pesos just to satisfy an unwavering lust to wear genuine designs, in fact, you hate splurging on luxuries which aren’t exactly useful on the now. You couldn’t really care less about the brand so long as it works fine, does that mean you ought to dismiss Wristpod as just another snobbish boutique built for the brats you’ve always despised?
Actually, the store caters for practical consumers like you just as much as it invests on people who understand the price that comes with artistic one-of-a-kind designs.
Those who are keen to shell-out less for quality watches can always invest on popular brands like DKNY and Diesel among other wise-buys. They may not scream “filthy rich” like the rest of the Armanis and the Calvin Kleins, but they’re bound to give you your money’s worth in the typical substance meets style fashion of the high-end boutique called Wristpod.
So whether you want so save, or splurge, one thing is for sure…
Wristpod is the place to watch for the perfect watch.


Wristpod understands that watches are investments, and like everything else, it requires maintenance. Emerson, a certified watch lover who has made a career out of his passion for his collection shares his do’s and donts in dealing with your valuable time-pieces.
Wear each of your watch at least once a month, like you, these things need exercise to stay in shape.
Keep them away from magnetic static that comes from TV, electric motors, stereos and the likes.
Make sure that you provide adequate distance between watches to avoid scratches.
In a city wherein everyone is always in such a rush, it is important to keep your watch inside the safety of your pockets to avoid colliding with other people’s watches.
If you’re watch is equipped with a calendar, make sure to position the 3:00 and 9:00 hand correctly before adjusting the date.
If you’re watch comes with a screw on the side, secure it after every adjustment.

Emmerson’s top 5 reason why you should follow his foot step as a watch collector.
They are works of art that you can wear and enjoy on your wrist.
They keep their value and even appreciate as time passes.
They mark the passage of time, and bear battle scars that reminds you of interesting chapters in a person’s journey in life.
You can pass this memory to the next generation.
They are the only jewelry worth investing for a man.

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