Decency to lie

Decency to lie

“You don’t event have the decency to lie anymore”, was his broken whisper.

Lying is decent?

“If it’s meant to preserve”

She tore her gaze away from his. Shaking her head. I love you enough to tell you the truth Nathan.

“But it didn’t stop you from doing it didn’t you?”

She closed her eyes, willing the tears back so it would not fall .He was right, she didn’t love him enough to lie but that didn’t mean she could bear the breaking in his voice, the weakness in his stance…

The accusation in his gaze.

So she refused to meet his confrontation. It was bad enough that she had to confess.

“You do know what this means Ava.”

He took her silence as his cue to exit. She could tell, even with her eyes never leaving their carpeted wooden floor that he was walking to their bedroom. “Packing” She thought to herself. She considered leaving until he was gone but decided otherwise.

She couldn’t spare him the pain of knowing what she had done, she wouldn’t save herself the torture of watching him get out of their life.

Her life.

Upon reaching the door, he paused. Heaving a deep sigh, daring her to stop him.

Looking intently at his back towards her, she almost gave in to the urge.

Three years of intimate friendship and a lifetime of Love. It was hard to let that go.

The knob turned and the door closed.

He was gone.

The price is paid.




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