Heartbreak and success

Heartbreak and success

At twenty-three I’m already juggling accounts as an Advertising Executive, running my own medium scale catering business while still being able to write, host and model on the side. My career track is just where I want it to be–ahead.

Clearly I have wasted no time climbing the corporate ladder but not without the expense of my relationships.

And I’m not just talking about my alarmingly short dating history.

The more I explored and implored my potential as a professional, the less attuned I became to the sensitivities of the people around me.

I neglected phone calls, missed get-togethers and rescheduled if not cancelled dates all together in favor of my work. I got my high from riding the waves of my career only to find that there were no one left waiting for me at shore.

The people who cheered me on as I was first testing the waters were suddenly no longer there to celebrate my victories with me.

And without them, it just didn’t feel like much anymore, my success.

Ignorant and self-centered as I was, I expected everyone to compromise their needs to accommodate mine-to understand when I cannot, to give when I can only take and to heed when I can only ignore.

I used to be nagged all the time for my short-comings, now they couldn’t even be bothered to be disappointed.

I don’t know what hurts more, to have the people you love leave you, or to have them stay but not notice you anymore.

I’ve learned since to strike a balance between my dreams and the ones who make them worth living.

After all, when the night is at its darkest, what comforts our weary hearts isn’t the sparkle of hard-earned gold, but the soft caress of a trusted hand.

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