“We never really get over anything, we just learn to live with it.”



Why do you have to be so damn difficult all the time?


Well its definitely not because of lack of trying to be otherwise.


We all have issues Len, why cant you get over yours?




Im trying here, but i cant do it alone.


More silence


I dont want to give up on us.


Then dont.


But youre making this unbearable!

I cant change Lili! I cant, this is who I am, who i had always been and who Ill always be.

If thats not good enough then Im sorry alright?


I love you.




Do you still love me?


I dont know.


What do you mean you dont know you either do or you dont!


Well right now I dont okay?


Right now? what coz were fighting you suddenly decide everything else between us doesnt matter anymore?


Its not that…


Then what?!

It matters alright? Its just…


Just what?!



I cant be your fucking knight on the white horse okay?! Im just a guy, and Im tired of trying to be more than that.


So thats it, thats youre breakup line?


He shrugged. The fuck were you expecting? a fucking sonatta?


Fuck you Libra. Fuck you. You’re gonna end up alone you know that? Oh and its gonna one sa fucking sad picture too! But to everyone else? It’ll be a fucking comedy, a farce even! Seeing as how you got what you so deserve!


She stormed out of the room slamming the door as she left.


He let out a deep sigh, he didn’t know if it was relief or if it was sheer exhaustion but for the first time in a long while, he was at peace with the cold night. The silence was oddly comforting and though he knew he would eventually long to have her back, at that moment, all he cared for was the company of wistful blows coming from a black sky.


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