Dangua flower market

Dangua flower market

As part of my efforts to widen my horizon, this lil happy feet decided to flower shop in Manila’s wholesaler avenue for fresh blooms, Dangua. Who better to tag along with me than my own best friend whose absentee boyfriend left her vulnerable to the invites of bored best friends (uhem) who thinks night time trips to exotic discount markets is soul-enriching?

Poor lucky Francy Urrutia.

So there we were, just two pretty lil missys strolling down crowded dark alleys in one of Manila’s notorious pick-pocket place, (Divisioria). Our purpose? To find the freshest, prettiest, cheapest florals in Town.

Fresh blooms sold in wholesale


(Coz flower farm in Trinidad Baguio will have to wait, Eight hours trip duh)

So my best friend here claims she hates flowers, (like really, who can? its like be grossed out by a puppy–unimaginable)

So here’s my proof she was Bul*Sh**ing.

for someone who supposedly hates bouquets, you're blushing my love



Everyone knows Im pretty practical, few have the chance to see me in action with my hard-earned haggling skills, (years of working for a Taipan does this to you). It actually got to a point that the guys we hired to do our bouquet wouldn’t stop grumbling on the job, rambling stuff like Im pretty but stingy, or that they won’t be eating at all with the discounts Im asking.

freshpicks for arrangement

In the end we settled for three bouquets for a thousand pesos, (fair ‘nuf.)

I think that price is just right, I definitely didn’t go all the way to Dangua to be priced similarly in Market!Market! at the same time I didn’t wanna exploit their need, (post valentines times are bad) so I feel pretty good about the rate I got.

Good arrangement too.

Flower arrangement at work


Three bouquets for my mother, the wife of my boss and a friend.

Valentines obligations addressed at a cheaper cost! *Proud of myself.


That and I got to see the famous Dangua, which for all the rave I got about it, is just your typical buying center.

You have to play it smart, and you have to play it cheap.

But always be fair.

Thrill of the game.

Classic boss reaction to the flowers I handed to be given to his wife


my mom placing hers at our kitchen table

On the way home, we ran into some advertising dudes partying in the neighborhood, (Team Manila is like, in front of my house) and I noticed them staring at us carrying so many bouquets, (and its not Valentines anymore). Since they weren’t sober their curiosity wasn’t exactly discreet, (Mga usi nagbubulungan pa eh stage whisper naman). When they saw me hand one to my mom, they all laughed unanimously. I just smiled at them knowing their assumptions were corrected.

off to deliver flowers to a bud at the bridal fair,


make someones day

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