Halloween in Hongkong

Halloween in Hongkong

She had her arms spread wide, engulfing the wind as it rushed through her… It blew on her long lustrous black hair. A white man has his hands wrapped around her tiny waist. I look up at her from below, watching as the train whisks her away. She notices my gaze and indulges me with one of the sweetest smile Ive ever had the pleasure to be the recipient of in a long while. Then, she waves. My heart stops a beat and everything around me froze except for her.

She is both freedom and surrender in a city so self-conscious and materially-driven.

I want her, I wanted to be her.


Halloween in Lai Kwai Fong with two of my Hongkee bestfriends, Molly and Momo.

Gotta give it to this city, it knows how to paaarrrty.

with hongkong models, damn I feel short!

It’s as if the world’s boldest, craziest, freest and not to mention most beautiful decided to meet up in HK to have the time of their lives.

But what I love the most, is that for a city so obsessed with luxury and status, the street scene still remains the dominant dance floor for the locals and expats alike.

Paarrrty on the streets!

Definitely my scene.





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