Private grabs at Mongkok, HK

Private grabs at Mongkok, HK

Mongkok, HK


Every girl should visit an adult store once in a while, even if it’s just for laughs.

—But more importantly, to have a better grasp of (or even explore) that side of herself society compels her to ignore.


You know your shoe size, but you still have to try ’em on, ‘coz that’s the only way you’d know for sure if it’s a perfect fit.

It takes a while to decide, but you don’t skip a step knowing that if you’d be walking in these heels the whole day, and possibly

strutting them all night, you would want to make sure, that they don’t cause you to blister, or worse have them breakdown in the middle of the road…

So you take your precious time to try each on until you arrive at a match.



—-Give a girl the right pair of stilettos and she can conquer the world.


What makes this any different?

What makes this any less important?

When it is anything but.


Props to Molly Zheng for bringing me here, I would never have spotted this shop on my own, ( given its discreet location combined with my hopeless sense of direction).

I wasn’t allow to take pictures, but when did that ever stop me from doing what I think is worthwhile.

What's your size?


For her? him? Both.

Break the monotony

Gift ideas for the girlfriends

For him: She would never understand why.


To help his imagination.



2/F, 52 Sai Yeung Choi Street South

Mongkok, Kowloon

Tel. No. 27827261

Email Add:

(Above SASA Cosmetics)


For those who are interested to purchase, you may contact them through their website and they can ship to you for a fee.

Otherwise you can just leave me a message here and I will, depending on the given liberties of the moment,purchase it for you

since Im often in Hongkong anyway.


Yes I am very charitable. ^^,


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