Sole-mate in Huaqiang, Shenzen

Sole-mate in Huaqiang, Shenzen

Shoe shopping is like dating, if it’s not love at first sight, it’s bound to be an awkward bumpy walk in the park.

Some girls are smart enough to get a more practical alternative to the ones that initially floored them.

Not me.

I fall head over heels each time—pun intended.

And even if the trip has always left me for broke (or broken), I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Speaking of which, I happen to have come across a broken-sizes only shoe boutique in the middle of Huaqiang station in Shenzen.


Designer shoes, bargains at broken-sizes


Even if you want it, if it doesn’t fit you,

you gotta let it go

even if it hurts.

Forcing the issue will only cause you more pain later on—or in this case, bruises and blisters.

Then there’s that pair that’s just perfect for your mold.

You try ‘em on, and it just slides and glides like it was made for you.

Checking it, you notice there’s chip or two

But you don’t care because you feel so right to be in it

It lets you walk a ‘lil taller, make your legs seem longer and just allows you to walk a bit faster.

So you don’t mind that ‘lil lose thread on the strap, or the chalky edges.

If anything, it adds character to the pair.

And even though other girls would see it as damaged,

for you

Because of that beat it makes you skip

it’s just right.

And like any other chance encounter

it fits the “bill.”


Sole-mates: Studded metallic shoes to glam up plain outfits; Chunky open brown english heels to dress up jeans; 6 inch black stilettos for fashion SOS and leather slippers for everyday chores


Huaqiang Station, Shenzen

Have fun finding it among the array of hawker-stores in the area, you won’t miss it ‘coz it’s always packed.



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