Did You Already Fall Off The Resolutions Bandwagon? Here’s How To Get Back And Stay On

Did You Already Fall Off The Resolutions Bandwagon? Here’s How To Get Back And Stay On

Eighty percent of New Year’s resolutions fail come February—this is according to a report on the US News Health website. And as if that is not discouraging enough, the same source said that only 8% of us will be able to keep our resolutions throughout the year, especially if it is diet and fitness related. So you must be thinking, if odds are against you, then why bother?

Because despite being the minority, making healthy changes for the New Year still carries more weight than anything we swear to on any given day.

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Why? Momentum. It isn’t enough that we work hard; if the timing isn’t ripe, we will fall short. This is why New Year’s resolutions are great opportunities to create lasting change. It’s that one time a year when collective energy is present to push for new and better habits.

So go ahead, envision the life you deserve, but fail-proof with the following four-step plan:

1. Limit it to three

The more things you want to change, the harder it is to sustain them. To start, limit your resolutions to the most important three. On my part, I committed to waking up at 5 AM everyday on weekdays, giving up coffee, and staying single. That’s it! I could have added more but instead, I chose the three major things that I know would create the greatest ripple effect in my daily life, creating the most impact.

  • Waking up at 5 AM means I have room for both work, play, and rest. I can meal-prep, work out, see friends without rushing any of them.
  • Giving up caffeine will prevent me from being dehydrated, keep my temper in check, and stop me from staying-up late.
  • Staying single will push me to focus on self-care and build on my career.

I advise you to list three major things that can be your foundation in achieving your overall goals.

  • If you want to lose weight, why not commit to drinking two liters of water daily? Doing this will prevent you from overeating and will ensure that you flush out fat, salt, sugar regularly.
  • If you want to eat cleaner, why not make sure to eat one serving of fibrous vegetables with every meal? Or swap white rice for brown rice, and choose whole fruits over pastries.
  • Fitness goals? Sign-up to a Personal Training (PT) program at your nearest gym. Having a PT is crucial, whether you’re starting out or want to level up. Why? Because pros are there to make sure you stick to the plan. When your will wanes, they’ll give you the push you need to finish the extra rounds.

2. Fail forward

A do-or-die attitude just doesn’t work with long-term goals. So you ate a box of chewy chocolate cookies and dunked it on vanilla ice cream, and had greasy fries over Netflix—chill! Just because you binged once (or twice) doesn’t mean you have to accept you’ll never be beach-ready. Take a step back and think how you can make it easier for you not to self-sabotage. Maybe if you didn’t stock cookies at home? Or if you read instead, you would be more mindful? Recalibrate and turn your misstep into a learning curve. Resolutions are like relationships, their success is built on moment-to-moment decisions. Sometimes we lose to impulse, that’s fine, two steps forward and one step back is better than no step at all. Keep going.

3. Be a groupie

You know what I like to do when I’m having a hard time? Watch other people do it worse (or better) than me. Regardless of how someone else is doing compared to you, what matters is that you’re all doing it together. This is why my clients always sign up their spouses whenever they enroll in my detox programs. Anything worth doing is even better shared. So hook in your partner, or maybe your best friend? Make your common interest work for you, celebrate each other’s progress, and laugh at one another’s disasters.

4. Invest, invest, invest

We all want treats for a job well done, so don’t scrimp on your goals. Buy that masticating juicer and high-speed blender. Get two of the best pairs of yoga pants and upgrade your sneakers to something with the shade of coral (that’s the color of 2019). By all means, invest in yourself and don’t spend a cent on anything else that would distract you from owning the life you deserve.

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