Treating Hyperpigmentation with Low Level Laser Therapy

Treating Hyperpigmentation with Low Level Laser Therapy


I was able to treat Hyperpigmentation in 10 days with 2 sessions of Low Level Laser Therapy Shower and by moisturising deeply with Hemp oil twice a day

Diet plays majority of the role when it comes to having healthy, radiant , younger looking skin. It doesn’t matter what magic cream or serum you slather on your face and body, if you’re not eating nourishing food, it will show on your skin.

Ive been eating clean, mostly plant based and whole foods since I was 18, and for the longest time it seemed I could get-away with not having a skin care regimen for as long as I ate well. It wasn’t until I started breaking-out early this year that I began exploring establishing a more serious skin-care routine.

In my efforts to find the best regimen for myself, my skin got irritated. Worst, I suffered hyper pigmentation because of it. My dermatologist told me that it may take 30 days to undo the damage, but luckily I knew about Low Level Laser Therapy and its role in treating skin problems, from minor breakouts to more major issues such as eczema and psoriasis.

Irritated my Face with a regimen that did not agree with my sensitive skin. I even suffered Hyperpigmentation for the first time

Desperate to even out my skin-tone, I went to the premier Low-Level Laser Therapy clinic in the Philippines , Heilen Medical Wellness in Makati City.

I availed of the Laser Shower, a form of topical Low-level Laser Therapy as my choice of treatment for Hyperpigmentation. I avoided the Red laser as to not aggravate the inflammation and basked in Blue and Green Laser light for anti-inflammation and oxygenation respectively. I also had burst showers of UV and Yellow light for its anti-bacterial properties and mood-boosting benefits.


Immediately after one session, hyper pigmentation was visibly reduced.

Aside from Low-Level Laser Therapy, I also used freshly extracted Hemp oil from Whole Hemp seeds. This I did myself using the Misso Seed to Oil Extractor.

Hemp oil is a Cure all , it has a cult following for its healing properties. If you don’t have access to Hemp oil then Rose hip oil or even VCO can help, if you can get a hold of Moringga oil, even better.

Freshly extracted Hemp oil from whole Hemp seeds using Misso Seed to Oil Extractor as my Cure All Moisturiser

I was able to fully exfoliate my Hyperpigmentation in 10 days instead of 1 month as previously advised. Using only Hemp oil and 2 sessions of Low Level Laser Shower Therapy

Laser Shower at Heilen Medical Wellness


Misso Seed-to-oil from IAJ Wellness. It’s available nationwide in SM Home, True Value and Rustans.

Whole Hemp Seeds from Khlorophyll at Salcedo and Legaspi Market

Heilen Medical Wellness at UB Paseo 111 Building in Gil St. Legaspi Village Makati City



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