Nescafe TVC: Antioxidant Wellness, July 2012

Nescafe TVC: Antioxidant Wellness, July 2012


Nescafe antioxidant final casting was held in Provil studio, San Antonio, Makati. I went in as an IM model. To say that I was nervous during the audition would be an understatement. I was trying hard not to pressure myself into making sure I get the part because you just can’t force these things…

When you do you only get crest-fallen for all the wrong reasons–but I really wanted it, so it couldn’t be helped that I was anxious.

Grey monday, beaten with anxiety over hanging accounts, frozen negotiations and lack of word from my booker whether I was chosen or not

I opted for sleep. There was no use stressing over things I have no control over–and that’s other people’s decisions.

In the end–while calming myself in my gym class–I did get a part in the TVC, (albeit not “the” part.)

I was really grateful that I was chosen to play a role in the Nescafe ad. Im a big Nestle fan with caffeine issues, so doing a commercial for the brand really resonated with me. The fact that the theme was “anti-0xidant wellness” just made it more suitable as it coincides with my principle on sustainable living.

Casa Real Commonwealth, Shoot location

What was originally an 8 am call time was moved to 5 am. Clyde, my booker (IM agency, as seen above) called to inform me that at 1 am. I just got back from a night -out with friends then so you can imagine how bummed I was that I suddenly needed to leave my house at 430 am just to be at Provil at 5am. That leaves me more or less with just 3 hours of sleep, which would have been tolerable had I been anything but a model since Im expected to show up fresh for the shoot–which, obviously wasn’t gonna happen anymore.

Arriving at Provil studio, I realized how lucky I was because some of my co models came from cities hours away and had absolutely no time to sleep just to meet the call time.

We arrived at the location around 7 am, wherein we were allowed to doze off as the crew set-up and prepared for production.

Sleeping and Goofing off in between takes, which is mostly what we did in the 20 hour span we spent in the shoot wherein actual work time was only one hour all in all

We mostly waited, slept, ate, made fun of each other, had our make-up retouched, got nagged, was told to behave, wait some more, and much more after that— more than we acted in front of the camera.

It was the longest 20 hours of my life, well behind my getting stranded for two days in Hongkong airport of course.

It gave me a lot of time to meditate on accepting that modeling is 10% work, and 90% patience.

I ate so much bananas, bread and chips because vegetables were scantily served in the shoot

One of my co-models, Jose (the lead male role) was also vegetarian and we had it tough at meal time because of the lack of vegetable servings. Thank goodness there were bananas and my booker Clyde brought fruits–apples and pears. I made a mental note to bring my own food next time, that and not to coat my hair with product as I was severely whipped for doing so by the production crew.

Leave it to me to act like an amateur, it was embarrassing to have caused problems for the people there but it was done already so I just told myself Id know better the next time.

In fact, I plan to bring enough to share.

At some point, we felt picked on– us models by several prod members and I guess its because they were so stressed with their work that they had to vent it on someone. Who better than the ones idle right? Not that we have a choice of course, if we had it our way we’d show up just two hours prior to the actual shooting–just enough to be prepped and practice the lines and the scenes. But alas, its a job and we all have our occupational hazards.

The boys were particularly berated for eating more than their share of meals, which I felt was unfair because there were more than enough available for everyone, especially in the VIP tent. But I guess that still didn’t give anyone the right to take more than what they’re allowed but if you think about it, these are men of muscles and they of course have big appetites.

Again I attribute these scenarios to the stress that mustve been driving the crew nuts.

Not that we were having it so easy either. Being made to wait for 20 hours is no easy feat. The longest Ive had to bear for a shoot at the rate I was paid.

Perhaps you’re thinking, well at least thats all you had to do, chill out and wait for your turn, everyone has to move and rush while you just wait…

But if you consider what we had to go through and invest just to get a part;the castings, the workouts, the diets, makeups, makeovers and whatnots…

You wouldn’t think were over paid pretty faces.

We work our asses off every day for this opportunity, and id like to think most of us has earned every role landed.

It may be a different sacrifice but it is by no means less than the ones behind the lenses…

So being made to feel less adequate by being made to wait so long, nagged about simple things kinda stung.

Then again, it must not have been intentional–everyone was probably just under a lot of pressure.

Models of Nescafe

Despite all the drama, we had fun. The 20 hour waiting period allowed us to bond enough to establish rapor during takes, so much so that every shot seemed natural. There was real warmth amongst us. We had the whole day to connect with each other after all…

So in a way, everything worked out for the best.

The shoot was wrapped up with more endearment than its entire duration. Once the stressing and the fussing around was lifted, everyone was free to just act like themselves. We shared our breakfast at 1 am: Pancakes, soup and tuna sandwich. Everyone started opening up and I was right when I said the day’s bickering was all attributed to work stress.

I’d definitely love to work with all of them again. Though I promised everyone Id bring our catering best sellers the next time I get the chance.

Thanks to the Nestle family for allowing me to be a part of their brand.

Choose wellness, Choose Nestle







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