How To Avoid Bloating During The Indulgent Holiday Season, According To A Wellness Coach

How To Avoid Bloating During The Indulgent Holiday Season, According To A Wellness Coach

Because ’tis the season to be fatty tralalalalalala, we’ve got some expert advice and tips on keeping the tummy flat during the most indulgent time of year

As early as now, my January calendar for detox and weight-loss coaching is already almost fully-booked. To save you from having to punish yourself after the New Year in the gym for having seconds on holiday dinners (and lunches, meriendas, and whatnot), here are some fast, tried and tested tricks that I personally live by to make sure I fit in my snug dress and still enjoy Bibingka.

'Tis the season to get fatty tralalalalalalala‘Tis the season to get fatty tralalalalalalala | @intothegloss

Drink a full glass of water before a meal.

Often, cravings are easily satiated with proper hydration. We think we’re hungry when we’re actually just thirsty. Add lemon or calamansi to alkalinize your water, or go all out by bringing a litter of infused herbed-water with you to keep hydrated throughout the day. This is also a simple and effective way to de-bloat.

Drink up!Drink up! | @intothegloss

Salads first.

Eat a full plate of greens drizzled (not drowned) with dressing. The fiber will make you feel fuller, which will make you less likely to over-indulge.

Eat carbs.

Yes you read that right, eating the right carbs will save you from eating a full slice of cake. The resistant starch from whole grains such as brown rice, adlai, quinoa, sourdough, etc. will give your body the right kind of energy that burns slowly so you don’t crave for simple sugars in the form of sweets, which in turn spikes your blood sugar immediately and is stored as fat.

Eat carbs... the good kind though!Eat carbs… the good kind though! | @intothegloss

Skip the alcohol.

There’s a reason JLo doesn’t drink anymore, and it isn’t because she doesn’t think it’s fun. To look the way she does now takes some serious self-control. Alcohol is pure acidic sugar that causes bloating because of inflammation and dehydration. A glass is easily comparable to a serving of dessert, not only is it number one on the “Not that” list of the flat-tummy Bible, it also ages the skin. Having a hard time saying no to drinks? I like to put lime on sparkling water and pretend it’s vodka, or take it from JLo and just toast, sip and skip.

Cheers, minus the alky!Cheers, minus the alky! | @violetgrey

Sleep in.

If you got home at 3 AM from last night’s merrymaking, you owe it to yourself to sleep in ‘till noon. The body needs enough time to recover from extended activities and neglecting this will definitely show not just around your eyes and skin, but also your belly—inflammation always appears immediately as bloating.

Have a leisurely day in bed, or the couch—whatever works.Have a leisurely day in bed, or the couch—whatever works. | @violetgrey

Cleanse with juices.

Fasting after a binge works. A juice cleanse that consists of mostly greens and only a sparing amount of fruit for 24 hours is enough to reset you and undo the protruding evidence from last night’s buffet.

Eat, and drink your greens!Eat, and drink your greens! | @intothegloss

Flush it out.

Even I have weeks of mischief which I’d rather not pay for. It’s hard to stick to eating clean when you’re surrounded with good food and even better company. I like to schedule a Colon Cleanse at Centro Holistico when I’ve been bad, it saves me from having to do my mandatory juice cleanse after a binge. Their method for Enema includes Turmeric, which is especially effective in de-puffing the tummy, because nothing is worse than having hot air trapped inside as the reason you look fat.

Another treatment I swear by in Centro Holistico is Acupuncture. Did you know that it can also stop cravings and boost metabolism? But in my case it corrected my Irritable Bowel Syndrome and released trapped gas in my puson which immediately makes me look slimmer.

Acupuncture by Centro HolisticoAcupuncture by Centro Holistico | @centroholistico
Colon Cleanse by Centro HolisticoColon Cleanse by Centro Holistico | @centroholistico


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Panic like a Beauty Queen!

All the motivation I need to go to Dr. CRB in BGC is Pia Wurtzbach’s Instagram post in her usual skin-tight Uniqlo Heat-Tech which you’re supposed to wear under your actual shirt but she gets away wearing as is. So like a true fan I visit her derma Dr. Cecille Bernad of Dr. CRB to get ONDA sessions to firm and tighten stubborn bulges that I don’t wanna address with a LOT of cardio.

ONDA is a cool wave firming and tightening treatment that dissolves fat, tightens the skin and firms-up muscles. It’s the best at toning and contouring which is perfect for the Holidays when you feel the laziest to go to the gym.

ONDA at Dr. CRBONDA at Dr. CRB | Ronan Capili
ONDA at Dr. CRBONDA at Dr. CRB | Ronan Capili
ONDA at Dr. CRBONDA at Dr. CRB | Ronan Capili

Another option is Meso Lipo for days when you’re just desperate to shrink back to your ideal size fast. Meso Lipo is a none-invasive treatment that stimulates the body to produce more heat so that it burns a lot of calories. E-mail for appointments or inquiries.

Meso LipoMeso Lipo | Ronan Capili

Get a rub-down.

Relax with a lymphatic massage that helps drains toxins out of the body by encouraging better circulation by stimulating lymph fluids around the body which is responsible for purging junk. This soothing therapy reduces inflammation and boosts our immunity which helps us tone and glow.

Sweat it out.

Obviously a good workout is the answer but if like me, you caught the holiday bug and therefore are lazier than usual, then unwinding some extra minutes in the Sauna will do you a lot of good. My best friend Maria in Finland brags that over there , they all have one at home and they spend up to 30 minutes, which I wouldn’t always recommend but try to get in 15 minutes in the hot room, just make sure you have a jug of water and wet towels to keep you comfortably hydrated.

@weizelgulfan is certified in Culinary Lifestyle Nutrition and specializes in detox and weight-loss. Follow her on Instagram @weizelgulfan for expert advise on nutrition and wellness.

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