Recovery Smoothies

Recovery Smoothies

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 4.47.58 PMWholefoods based Recovery Smoothies


Wholefoods based recovery smoothies compared to commercially available protein shakes like whey and isolated soy have all the protein-requirement necessary to build and repair muscles but none of the acid and body-altering hormones found in synthetic formulas in the market that can lead to impotence, breast-growth, bone fracture and even hurt the liver in the long run.

So build and repair the natural way, here are 3 fun and easy recipes you can try.

Power Play

¼ C Moringga (Malunggay) leaves
¼ C Shredded Kale (Spinach or Bokchoy for option) (Protein and Calcium source)
½ C Hemp seeds (or Oats for added protein)
1 C Frozen chopped ripe bananas (Starch-based glycogen)
1 C Pineapple Chunks (Fiber)
500 ML Coconut water with the coconut meat (Good Fat and electrolytes)

Blend and Puree away.

Tip: This is much more satisfying if the Coconut meat,Banana and Pineapple are frozen prior to blending.

Power-play is a recipe that is hormone-balancing, immuno-boosting, protein packed superfood drink that is also high in fiber and electrolytes with blood cleansing properties.

Monkey King

½ C slivered almonds (Good fat and protein)
¼ C Hemp seeds (or oats) (Clean protein source)
2 TBS Flax seeds (Complete Omega 3-6 )
2 C frozen ripe bananas (Starch-based glycogen)
500 ML coconut water with the coconut meat (Good fat and electrolytes)
½ C Dates (option to use cocosap)

Tip: You can replace the coconut water and coconut meat with Almond Milk, Hemp milk or even Rice Milk

Monkey King is a guilt-free rewarding smoothie that is full of the right Omega 3-6 balance for heart-health, and is ideal for endurance running with its plentiful of wholefoods based glycogen for energy and electrolytes to keep hydrated.

Fit Pinoy

1 C frozen Jackfruit (Wholefoods mineral and vitamin dense glycogen)
2 TBSP Salabat / Ginger or Turmeric powder (Intensely anti-inflammatory and Immuno-boosting)
500 ML Coconut water with the Coconut meat (Good fat and electrolytes)

The fit Pinoy is a powerful post workout recovery smoothie that is intensely anti-inflammatory to exhausted muscles , and is extremely hydrating.

Pro Tip: Never let your smoothies stay for more than 30 minutes. Always drink it immediately after blending. High-speed blenders create a vacuum of heat which oxidizes the enzymes in fruits and vegetable fast so letting it sit longer will leave you with an all-fiber drink depleted of all vital minerals and vitamins although sturdy nutrients like Fat, Protein and Simple sugars will still be there.

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